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Carte des vins restaurant gastronomique les bacchanalesFrançois’ training as a cook and Christophe’s love of good wine are undoubtedly very good reasons why the two work so well together.
Now a very accomplished sommelier, François travels the region’s vineyards in search of the best wines of the season.

Though very Provence oriented, Christophe Dufau and François Chassaignon have expanded their wine list to include a number of local and regional discoveries — the Baux de Provence and Rhône Valley regions, but also Rioja, Priorat and Italy

And next to the travel wines, the favourites from the vineyards visited and the winegrowers who scored high on the bio-dynamics chart, there’s a selection of rare wines to pique your gustatory curiosity.

This Bacchanales culture forged by wine tastings all over the world is the result of an unrelenting desire to transmit a passion.